A New Venture

Hi Guys,

Long time, no post. Since i’ve been gone i’ve begun working with local fence companies to improve their local marketing presence. It’s been a hard task but know that the results are pouring in i feel confident with what i’m doing.

Wenatchee Fencing is a prime example. They went from no web presence to being listed on the top results for their services.

-Residential Fencing

-Commercial Fencing

-Vinyl Fencing

-& More!

We blew away the competition and my client and his workers are grateful for the flood of new business i’ve helped generate for them.

You’ll hear more and more case study results when it comes to my marketing successes in this industry. Other industries are now reaching out to me to be their go-to marketing guy. I have plans to deny them service at this time while i still get my current business in order.

It’s always important to become an expert in one field before moving to another. That’s a tip you can take with you from this post and really take to heart.


Winter Plans (Mexico Or Hawaii)

Hey everyone, writing this post to get some feedback on the best place to travel to in the winter to get away from the Washington cold weather. I’ve been working like crazy trying to get back on top. After being ill for about 4 weeks i have a lot to catch up on. I think a child i sat next to on my last airline flight had a sickness and passed it on to me.. (I need an private jet like Dan Bilzeran)

So that’s my reason for being absent from this blog. I’ll still be working on building my business for awhile, but i should have a few weeks in January to get away for a vacation. That’s where you come in.. give me advice. Hawaii or Mexico? Right now i’m leaning towards Hawaii, but Mexico is really great. It’s nice to get a feel for a different culture.

Hawaiian Beach

Give me your thoughts, where shall i go? If you have experienced any of these places leave a comment below!

Super Cars Reviewed

What’s happening online world? I was just online doing some research on some of my favorite foriegn cars and i thought i’d give you my top 3!

Super Car

Lets start at #3 so here we go!

#3 Lamborgini Sesto Elemento 

This car is seriously sick. It is made of Carbon Fiber which is a super dope and  unique material for a car. In the year of 2012 Lamborghini was able to construct a highly limited V10 super car that just tipped the scales at 2,000 pounds This was able to work by making absolutely everything out of the rare new age materials. That is what gives it, it’s incredible pound-to-horsepower. Even though it’s not street-legal at the moment, i still love and am waiting eagerly for the day i can take it around on the streets!

Ok, car #2, are ya ready?

#2 The Jaguar XJ220 year (1990’s)

This Jag is epic, seriously you need to Google it. Since it’s release, they have not come out with a better super car. This is the best they ever had. Without a doubt. It’s not hard to believe but these things can top 200mph.. Seriously. Funny story my buddy at 509 Towing -Wenatchee told me is that a guy crashed his Jaguar and lost a tire. He had to go tow him. HAHA! Overall, i’d love to see Jaguar come out with something similar to this in the future!

Ok, here’s #1…

#1 Ferrari 250 GTO

This car is sexy as can be. Especially in that cherry red. This car resembles everything i love about Ferrari. It’s specs are immaculate. The fact that there are only 35-40 of these in the world makes it that much more special. I’ve read these things can travel at speeds from (180mph- 22mph) Unreal.

Well that’s going to conclude my post here, i hope you all liked it. If you have some cars you think belong in my list, leave a comment and we can debate it 🙂

Until Next Time.

Tinting My House/Traveling India/China

Wassup bro’s. Just wanted to share a post about whats new with me and my crew. I recently got back together with some old buddy’s and we’ve been living it up lately since my last business trip where i went to India and China. It was a long draining trip but i still managed to enjoy it. We did a lot of sales and i managed to learn a little bit of each language while i was there.

Cool road China

The people of india and china were nice and friendly for the most part. It’s always nice to visit new countries and engage with different cultures. I had a good time overall and that’s what life is about man. Live life to the fullest each and EVERY day.

Anyways upon arriving back in the states, i had a lot of money to blow so i reconnected with some old buddies and started parting and spending time doing some old action sports we used to enjoy doing. We biked, skied, and hiked in 3 consecutive days.

Back at my home i started looking for ways to improve the apprearince of my home and one of my buddies suggested tinting up the windows since the sun was out and blinding us pretty badly. So i looked up companys in the Seattle area that offered residential window tinting and found a cool guy that helped me find some dope frosted window tint. I was really impressed by the look and texture so i paid on the spot to have it installed. It took them about 5-6 hours which was perfect timing because i was going out about 15 minutes before they finished.

If you need window tint i highly recommend them. Other than that i had some new cabinets installed because one of my buddies Buzz bashed his head through it. HAHA. Well, thats a story for another day.

Later, for now!


Dinner Shout Out

Hey everyone, have to give a shout out to a restaurant that blew my mind the other week. The name of the place was Mcglinns. It was restaurant in downtown Wenatchee. It had the absolute best burgers and beer that i have ever had. The whole vibe was great and i wanted to brag about it on here.


I was visiting a friend so i used a Wentatchee restaurant guide that recommended the mcglinns restaurant and that’s how i found it. It had to be one of my top 10 favorite places all time.

Also, while i was in that town i met up with a fellow business man to pitch my new invention. Right now i’m looking for investors for my new product. I’ll be releasing the info to the public soon.

I have to say it will be epic and will change a lot of lives. Keep updated with me, i have my email on my contact page if you want to ever get in touch!

SUV’S Suck – Windshield Crack

Jason Turner here with a quick update on life. I just wanted to post how i love road trips but hate big vehicles. I was driving today in town when an oversized SUV swerved in front of me whipping up a storm of dust and rock pellets that pelted my car.. One of them must have been pretty large because my windshield got jackked up. Lucky for me i was close to a shop called Wenatchee Auto Glass, they were able to repair my rock chip very quickly, thankfully.

This video actually explains the process of what they did if you are someone who likes to fix things themselves.

I just have to say again what a drag it is to deal with bad drivers that drive enormous cars that take up the road and make incidents like this one occur. Such a simple way things like this would not happen if everyone drove better on the roads. On top of everything i had to pay for it out of pocket.

Well, other than this little mishap i’ve been having a great week and am now planning on making a little getaway vacation. It’s always nice to getaway whenever i like. I know i’ll be back at it working again soon unfortunately.

Alright i’m going to end this post here and hopefully have a longer better blog lined up, take care everyone out there and be SAFE on the roads.



^ (I think i’ll starting signing out that like from now on, what do you guys think? Comment and let me know if you can)

Hello To The Internet!

Welcome to my site Nordbohemiacanis! I know the domain is long, deal with it! My name is Jason Turner the owner of this soon to be epic blog. Coming to ya every late Sunday night with reading material that will make you love me or hate me! I a 30 year old single guy from Washington that travels the world and gets paid big bucks to do a job many people have never heard of.

This blog site was started by me to get my voice out here on the internet, i think it’s a safe place for me to vent when i need too. Anyways.. ya i have a stressful job, but it pays well, and i get to travel on top of that. So far in my life i’ve been to 37 countries and i’m not slowing down on my journey to visit them all. Basically i live out of my suitcase 8-10 months of the year. When i’m home i enjoy going out for a night out in stretch limo and getting some drinks with some buddies.

It can be a lonely lifestyle for some, but with my personality i’m able to make good connections with people from all over the world. Typically i only am in a country for a few days so it’s hard to build lasting relationships. I make a a lot of Facebook friends that i meet on my journeys.

Well guys what else can i ramble on about here.. hmm.. ok got something, i’m a big sports fans my favorite teams are the Seattle Mariners, Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, Denver Nuggets, and the Gonzaga Bulldogs college basketball team. I’ve been a fan of these teams for many years and i try to keep up with them as much as i can with my crazy schedule. It can be hard to catch games if i’m on the other side of the world. The good thing is the internet is so powerful and i can see score updates from my iPhone 6.

What else.. im a big fan of comedians, my current favorites are Bill Burr and Dave Chappelle. Those dudes keep me laughing no matter what continent im on..

Well that’s it for now i hope this post kept you entertained and gave you a decent peak into my life. My posts will get better. THATS MY PROMISE. Right now it’s almost 2am i’ll need to get some sleep soon before i have to get up at 6am got a big meeting going on in the city at 8 am i NEED to be at.

Alright peace out for now.