Winter Plans (Mexico Or Hawaii)

Hey everyone, writing this post to get some feedback on the best place to travel to in the winter to get away from the Washington cold weather. I’ve been working like crazy trying to get back on top. After being ill for about 4 weeks i have a lot to catch up on. I think a child i sat next to on my last airline flight had a sickness and passed it on to me.. (I need an private jet like Dan Bilzeran)

So┬áthat’s my reason for being absent from this blog. I’ll still be working on building my business for awhile, but i should have a few weeks in January to get away for a vacation. That’s where you come in.. give me advice. Hawaii or Mexico? Right now i’m leaning towards Hawaii, but Mexico is really great. It’s nice to get a feel for a different culture.

Hawaiian Beach

Give me your thoughts, where shall i go? If you have experienced any of these places leave a comment below!