Tinting My House/Traveling India/China

Wassup bro’s. Just wanted to share a post about whats new with me and my crew. I recently got back together with some old buddy’s and we’ve been living it up lately since my last business trip where i went to India and China. It was a long draining trip but i still managed to enjoy it. We did a lot of sales and i managed to learn a little bit of each language while i was there.

Cool road China

The people of india and china were nice and friendly for the most part. It’s always nice to visit new countries and engage with different cultures. I had a good time overall and that’s what life is about man. Live life to the fullest each and EVERY day.

Anyways upon arriving back in the states, i had a lot of money to blow so i reconnected with some old buddies and started parting and spending time doing some old action sports we used to enjoy doing. We biked, skied, and hiked in 3 consecutive days.

Back at my home i started looking for ways to improve the apprearince of my home and one of my buddies suggested tinting up the windows since the sun was out and blinding us pretty badly. So i looked up companys in the Seattle area that offered residential window tinting and found a cool guy that helped me find some dope frosted window tint. I was really impressed by the look and texture so i paid on the spot to have it installed. It took them about 5-6 hours which was perfect timing because i was going out about 15 minutes before they finished.

If you need window tint i highly recommend them. Other than that i had some new cabinets installed because one of my buddies Buzz bashed his head through it. HAHA. Well, thats a story for another day.

Later, for now!