SUV’S Suck – Windshield Crack

Jason Turner here with a quick update on life. I just wanted to post how i love road trips but hate big vehicles. I was driving today in town when an oversized SUV swerved in front of me whipping up a storm of dust and rock pellets that pelted my car.. One of them must have been pretty large because my windshield got jackked up. Lucky for me i was close to a shop called Wenatchee Auto Glass, they were able to repair my rock chip very quickly, thankfully.

This video actually explains the process of what they did if you are someone who likes to fix things themselves.

I just have to say again what a drag it is to deal with bad drivers that drive enormous cars that take up the road and make incidents like this one occur. Such a simple way things like this would not happen if everyone drove better on the roads. On top of everything i had to pay for it out of pocket.

Well, other than this little mishap i’ve been having a great week and am now planning on making a little getaway vacation. It’s always nice to getaway whenever i like. I know i’ll be back at it working again soon unfortunately.

Alright i’m going to end this post here and hopefully have a longer better blog lined up, take care everyone out there and be SAFE on the roads.



^ (I think i’ll starting signing out that like from now on, what do you guys think? Comment and let me know if you can)