Super Cars Reviewed

What’s happening online world? I was just online doing some research on some of my favorite foriegn cars and i thought i’d give you my top 3!

Super Car

Lets start at #3 so here we go!

#3 Lamborgini Sesto Elemento 

This car is seriously sick. It is made of Carbon Fiber which is a super dope and  unique material for a car. In the year of 2012 Lamborghini was able to construct a highly limited V10 super car that just tipped the scales at 2,000 pounds This was able to work by making absolutely everything out of the rare new age materials. That is what gives it, it’s incredible pound-to-horsepower. Even though it’s not street-legal at the moment, i still love and am waiting eagerly for the day i can take it around on the streets!

Ok, car #2, are ya ready?

#2 The Jaguar XJ220 year (1990’s)

This Jag is epic, seriously you need to Google it. Since it’s release, they have not come out with a better super car. This is the best they ever had. Without a doubt. It’s not hard to believe but these things can top 200mph.. Seriously. Funny story my buddy at 509 Towing -Wenatchee told me is that a guy crashed his Jaguar and lost a tire. He had to go tow him. HAHA! Overall, i’d love to see Jaguar come out with something similar to this in the future!

Ok, here’s #1…

#1 Ferrari 250 GTO

This car is sexy as can be. Especially in that cherry red. This car resembles everything i love about Ferrari. It’s specs are immaculate. The fact that there are only 35-40 of these in the world makes it that much more special. I’ve read these things can travel at speeds from (180mph- 22mph) Unreal.

Well that’s going to conclude my post here, i hope you all liked it. If you have some cars you think belong in my list, leave a comment and we can debate it 🙂

Until Next Time.