Hello To The Internet!

Welcome to my site Nordbohemiacanis! I know the domain is long, deal with it! My name is Jason Turner the owner of this soon to be epic blog. Coming to ya every late Sunday night with reading material that will make you love me or hate me! I a 30 year old single guy from Washington that travels the world and gets paid big bucks to do a job many people have never heard of.

This blog site was started by me to get my voice out here on the internet, i think it’s a safe place for me to vent when i need too. Anyways.. ya i have a stressful job, but it pays well, and i get to travel on top of that. So far in my life i’ve been to 37 countries and i’m not slowing down on my journey to visit them all. Basically i live out of my suitcase 8-10 months of the year. When i’m home i enjoy going out for a night out in stretch limo and getting some drinks with some buddies.

It can be a lonely lifestyle for some, but with my personality i’m able to make good connections with people from all over the world. Typically i only am in a country for a few days so it’s hard to build lasting relationships. I make a a lot of Facebook friends that i meet on my journeys.

Well guys what else can i ramble on about here.. hmm.. ok got something, i’m a big sports fans my favorite teams are the Seattle Mariners, Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, Denver Nuggets, and the Gonzaga Bulldogs college basketball team. I’ve been a fan of these teams for many years and i try to keep up with them as much as i can with my crazy schedule. It can be hard to catch games if i’m on the other side of the world. The good thing is the internet is so powerful and i can see score updates from my iPhone 6.

What else.. im a big fan of comedians, my current favorites are Bill Burr and Dave Chappelle. Those dudes keep me laughing no matter what continent im on..

Well that’s it for now i hope this post kept you entertained and gave you a decent peak into my life. My posts will get better. THATS MY PROMISE. Right now it’s almost 2am i’ll need to get some sleep soon before i have to get up at 6am got a big meeting going on in the city at 8 am i NEED to be at.

Alright peace out for now.


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