Dinner Shout Out

Hey everyone, have to give a shout out to a restaurant that blew my mind the other week. The name of the place was Mcglinns. It was restaurant in downtown Wenatchee. It had the absolute best burgers and beer that i have ever had. The whole vibe was great and i wanted to brag about it on here.


I was visiting a friend so i used a Wentatchee restaurant guide that recommended the mcglinns restaurant and that’s how i found it. It had to be one of my top 10 favorite places all time.

Also, while i was in that town i met up with a fellow business man to pitch my new invention. Right now i’m looking for investors for my new product. I’ll be releasing the info to the public soon.

I have to say it will be epic and will change a lot of lives. Keep updated with me, i have my email on my contact page if you want to ever get in touch!