A New Venture

Hi Guys,

Long time, no post. Since i’ve been gone i’ve begun working with local fence companies to improve their local marketing presence. It’s been a hard task but know that the results are pouring in i feel confident with what i’m doing.

Wenatchee Fencing is a prime example. They went from no web presence to being listed on the top results for their services.

-Residential Fencing

-Commercial Fencing

-Vinyl Fencing

-& More!

We blew away the competition and my client and his workers are grateful for the flood of new business i’ve helped generate for them.

You’ll hear more and more case study results when it comes to my marketing successes in this industry. Other industries are now reaching out to me to be their go-to marketing guy. I have plans to deny them service at this time while i still get my current business in order.

It’s always important to become an expert in one field before moving to another. That’s a tip you can take with you from this post and really take to heart.